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For Gad Arad Memory 1978-2022

Version 1.3.9 for SE and 1.4 for LE

SSE Version 1.6.8 is hiding on this website. Click the right thing, and it will link you to the download.


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Skeever 2.0

Count down until Skeever Version 2.0 is released with over 20,000 lines, fixes along with new features, quests and new locations.

Latest News

December 24, 2021

Resumed some work.

Changing attitude due to not being able to change anything else with what is going on with my RL job, so doing my best to keep busy during the time I have when not handling issues.


Solving implementation.

SSEEdit Shows "0" errors

Writing new stuff.

Testing and making sure everything works.

Previous News

December 21, 2021

All work stopped due to a challenge I am facing currently, I hope to update this post as soon as I overcome it. I will know more in 30-50 days.

December 4, 2021

The next update on April 1, 2022

Skeever's Sword

Reads more notes

More Quest Undertaking comments

Skeever will start with no spells and will be able to learn 2 spells see video here. Skip to minute 23 or so, that is when the quest starts.

Skeever should be around 20,000 lines by the next update.

Maybe new collaboration with 2 more followers.

If you are using Skeever Version 1.3.9 or lower, there will be 3 new quests for you to enjoy, all are spell learning related. Possible 4 new spell quests.

It is very much possible that the update will only come out for SSE and LE and Xbox will either have no update or a much later update date.

The changes that resulted in less outcome than anticipated are due to the contract and high demand for my time with a company I do not intend to work with again. I am almost back to normal CK work hours and will surpass 3,000 hours for the first year of Skeever, that will be commemorated on April 1, 2022.

I find pure joy in working on CK and each time I create more adventures, I am thinking, WOW, This is so cool, I'll bet players and fans alike will be surprised and love this, this is what brings me joy, thank you one and all, especially those of you who bother to post and tell me you enjoy Skeever and last but not least, the amazing Patrons!

November 29, 2021

The next update on April 1, 2022

Skeever's Sword

Reads more notes

More Quest Undertaking comments

Skeever will start with no spells and will be able to learn 2 spells see video here. Skip to minute 23 or so, that is when the quest starts.

Skeever should be around 20,000 lines by the next update.

No new collaboration promised for the next update but working on it.

It is very much possible that the update will only come out for SSE and LE and Xbox will either have no update or a much later update date.

November 29, 2021

The next update on April 1, 2022

Skeever's Sword

Reads more notes

More Quest Undertaking comments

Skeever will start with no spells and will be able to learn 2 spells see video here. Skip to minute 23 or so, that is when the quest starts.

Skeever should be around 20,000 lines by the next update.

No new collaboration promised for the next update but working on it.

It is very much possible that the update will only come out for SSE and LE and Xbox will either have no update or a much later update date.

November 15, 2021

Anniversary Edition Testing by Skeever Users reports Skeever works so far so good without issues.

Please report any issues on Discord in case you encounter them, thank you.

Learning Blender is going well.

I think I will be able to create a sword and shield by the end of the year.

I am unsure I will be able to create an outfit before the end of the year, I am pretty sure, I will not be able to do it.

My real Life work is very demanding this month.

This changes many things, and the update will include a lot less from the list I have published before. I will try to touch on each topic, but the quantity will be much lower.

Quest Undertaking

Notes to read

Skeever Spell Learning [2-3 spells planned] --this means, Skeever will no longer start with a spell and will know nothing of magic until you start the teaching quest. This is a new feature and has a number of stages but focuses on being short, and each spell added adds a Spell Tome book that is an actual book and guide to learning the spell. Again, the spell learning quest are small [short] and fun, to give another unique method of learning spells [not for the player, only for Skeever, and so this does not disturb any mod that adds or changes spells in the game] Having said that, a lot of research went into this feature and for those of you who know me, I take no shortcuts and this is the main reason there are only 2-3 spells planned for the next update.

Add some idle comments

Unless there is change, this post is true until April 2022

With there is no Umbra Patch and with the Nebarra Follower Skeever stands at 18,300+ lines [the current 1.6 SSE version] and I hope we can reach 20k to celebrate the first One Year Anniversary.

November 2021

While the creation of outfit or anything 3D is extremely challenging for me and I feel that many hours go without meaning, I will do my best and give it another go.

My goal is to create additional contents in the following categories

Quest Undertaking

Notes to read

Spoiler to read

Spoiler to read + quest

Add some idle comments

Add some Ratmouth life [a bit]

100% NO Skeever Main Story will be made for the next update

Fixes that are long overdue - example the use of the "E" key [long press do favor] breaks Skeever and this is a basic thing he must be able to do or avoid, I hope to fix it.

Force myself to not get scared to death from the huge task which is the Weapon Reading" I have neglected it for too long.

Write lines for the additional characters that are acted by the voice actors and bring some of them to life.

Crack the code behind a feature that I really wish to implement before a full year passes.

Unless there is change, this post is true until April 2022

Calm Time

October 15, 2021

I have pretty much completed the side project I had and will now use my time to tackle the issue I fear most, art design and creation of 3D objects. This is a slow progress little reward venture, but it's time to meet it head on!

With that said, my hopes that in the "in between time" I will do some writing for the new characters you have already met throughout Skeever's Quests, including revamping of existing characters and upcoming ones that will be part of Quest 7 and beyond.

The new update is likely [sadly] not to include anything quest related, rather a "fix" and update on the existing features, making them as close to perfect as I possibly can and calling them "DONE" so we can move on to new things. I also think it will include more items to read, and some Skyrim Quest comments.

About LE 1.4

October 12, 2021

Skeever Version 1.4 for Skyrim Vanilla [LE\Oldrim] has been fixed. While the new location does not work perfectly [meaning the distance loading is not as good as SSE] it is 100% an improved version of what was provided in the past and you can play through all the quests. I am happy the effort of 35 hours paid off in the solving of this issue, even if it's not "LOD perfection" I am glad it is possible to play through it. Obviously, I will learn how to perfect it in the future. Enjoy and thank you for letting me know.

Possible issues and fixes:

1. In Canyon Farms when it's time to talk to the daughter [Obedience Quest] if you enter the home, and exit, Skeever may not be outside. Use the map, rotate the mouse, and find the "Fast Travel" marker, use it and Skeever will be at your side again. Then continue the quest.

2. Do not play hide and seek if you are in the home of the Grain Family [only when outside]

3. During the final quest for this update [Sleep] there may be issues with dialogue, the "deal-breaker" may or may not come when reaching Sleep and ending the scenes. This has a very rough solution. Play until you can play no more. Save the game.

Console command

coc nightgateinn [this will teleport you to the inn]

Exit inn [if cannot exit, load an earlier save]

in console type "SetStage GA88_Skeever_Quest_6_Sleep 50"

Now finish your quest and all will be well.

OF COURSE - I will do my best to fix these issues, though I must get back to the normal work of things and I plan that the next update will be smooth and stable. The whole issue was with my limited knowledge of "Back-Porting" Thank you. Other than these mentioned issues, all is working really well as far as I can tell.

Skeever Version 1.4

October 12, 2021

Over the past 4 days I have been challenged with an issue with ONLY Skyrim LE [SSE works fine]

ALSO- Skeever Skyrim LE works perfectly up until the middle of Quest 4 when you need to travel to a new location called Canyon Farms. The reason for this must be the ".LOD" files from what I understand and I have spent over 30 hours in the past days attempting to fix it.

Currently, this is beyond my understanding and I have reached out and asked my questions at;

  1. Discord servers [4 so far]
  2. Reddit, posted.
  3. Communicated with online friends.
  4. Sent letters to Mod Authors I know have done a World Space in Skyrim LE

There is no reply yet and I am very sorry for the experience. I will keep hacking at this issue until it is solved and it will never leave my top priority until it is fixed.

Version 1.4 will come out with this fix and never before, this I promise.

The issues I am facing are.

A) Unable to create and\or generate "WorldSpacename.LOD" file for Skyrim LE

B) Unable to operate DynDOLOD for Skyrim LE from MO2

My next plan is to learn a new program and a new method that may be alternative to DynDOLOD while I am awaiting reply from Emails sent.

Skeever Version 1.3.9

October 9, 2021

because it was necessary, this is pretty much it. I have work with another mod that I am helping with and then it's back to the timetable mentioned in the "Mod Author Plans" section of this window,, on the right.

Skeever Version 1.3.7

October 8, 2021

Skeever can lead while you manually play Walk or Run

Skeever can lead while you go get a drink or eat dinner Walk or RUN

You will have control when there is a fight, either fight or don't, if you die that's on you.

You will be continued to be led by Skeever to the same destination after the fight

A small bonus feature to ask Skeever to lead you to random locations [may be developed in the future]

Use the "Skeever Stop" options in your magic menu to stop the Auto follow feature completely and resume manual mode [Skeever will tell you and you will see the "Power" in your magic menu.

Have fun, this was awesome to make.

DONE - thank you to the Reddit community for challenging me to make this feature more useful.

You can now stop the leading feature at any time whether you are following it automatically or manually.

Consider taking your followers with you, it's hilarious to see a tank, cleric, mage, archer all fighting for you, either when you're eating dinner and watching, or coming back from getting coffee LOL, anyhow, with the "Z" key for me to use the Magic Power, Skeever will stop as seen in the video, you now have 100% full control!

I will upload to SSE - LE and XboxOne tomorrow the Version will be called


XboxOne on October 9 [sorry]

Skeever Version 1.3.6

October 7, 2021 [layer ...evening]

Who didn't see this one coming? Okay, it's all done, even the smallest details and all your reported and not reported issues, there was nothing serious but it's all fix. Enjoy.

Skeever Version 1.3.5

October 7, 2021 [evening]

Bannered Mare lines unlocked thanks to PundaBar who is an amazing person, patron and scholar.

Fixed the last line in Easter Egg - audio had issue

Skeever Version 1.3.4

October 7, 2021 [afternoon]

Voice Lines in the Easter Egg Scene have been added because 491 is a shame, but 500 is so much better.

Skeever Version 1.3.3

October 7, 2021

Presenting a Hands-Free Leading Feature. Go get coffee, throw the trash or go to the bathroom whole Skeever becomes the player, leads you, fights and you follow. Though, if you die along the way, that's on

Can't sleep, got something stuck in my head again, guess, what, it works!! You're not going to believe it but it's true, so......I will make a short video about it and update the file here for you to test, tough it works well, so...enjoy the coming 1.3.3 update that will come in a few hours LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL ---was not planning on this, but this is really something cool haha...

Skeever Version 1.3.2

October 5, 2021

I got something stuck in my head, so I can't let it go.

I will work on a new giant Easter Egg scene and it will be the craziest one yet. I can tell you that it will be the easiest one to find and since I am making it, I will add 2 fixes so that Ratmouth can follow you into the cave in the rift [when the time comes you will know] and one more fix and the update by the end of this month. It will be Version 1.3.2

Hidden Version?

What is the Hidden Skeever Version?

How do I find the latest Skeever Version?

Why is it on this website and not nexus?

Why is it hidden?

What is the Hidden Skeever Version?

The Hidden Skeever Version is the latest version I have made of Skeever with the most lines, quests and updates, including fixes of the things you and the general community reported to me.

How do I find the latest Skeever Version?

If you want to find the latest Skeever Version, click on anything and everything on this website, it can be an image, text, or title, it can be a new topic text or tab, or logo, basically anything. Also, if you found it once and it's not at the same place after a while, this means there is a new version available and the game starts again. You can also tell by looking at the title of the Website, as it will indicate a new Version available.

Why is it on this website and not nexus?

It is on this Skeever Website and not on Nexus or any other platform because it is not a 100% update or completed update and since most download from Nexus, I rather upload a formal update on a formal date and not an update each month or week or a few days.

Why is it hidden?

The newest Skeever Update is hidden because it's all about rewarding fans and playing the game. Finding the update is a game on it's own, and the feeling you get from discovering it, gives a sense of achievement and positive spirit, this is what I am all about, it's just fun and I like it.



What to expect from the website downloads?

The Website Skeever Version will [unlike Nexus and] be updated each time I am testing and fixing stuff. this means, the version on the Website has the latest fixes, if there are missing lines, small issues etc. It will forever be the better version or the one that includes the most update. However, when it is stable, all platform will get an update regardless. I basically use it to easily download it to my other computer to do tests and sometimes alert the Quality Assurance people.

Playing and Downloading

Q: Do I have to start a new game?

NO, you can install and use Skeever in your old saved game. But he does have lines for you starting from Level-1 so I recommend it.

Q: Is it safe to update Skeever mid-game?

Yes, you can update safely, it works well.

Q: Why do you recommend playing without Subtitles?

Because then you will not see the text coming and the humor will simply be funnier in my option. (it's up to you, you don't have to, just a suggestion, playing with subtitles is also lots of fun).


Skeever is available for:




Future Plans

Question: What are your plans for Skeever in the future?

Answer: All I can possibly do, and then some more.

Skeever's Features

I will put in my best effort to list Skeever's Features here.


  • Skeever can smell enemies inside interiors, enter sneak mode and ask Skeever, he will be able to tell you what enemies you will face in that location.


  • Skeever comments in every single Skyrim interior
  • The idle comments are set to trigger in certain times of the day and depending on a number of conditions in general.
  • Idle comments for Daedric weapons include all Daedric weapons and this feature is considered to be complete.
  • Idle comments for when the player is ill with any sort of illness is comlete as well.


  • Skeever can tell you how far or close you are to any Skyrim location.
  • Start this buy using the main dialogue option of, "How much further" and indicate where you are going.
  • Skeever will start Idle Comments depending on the distance from that location.
  • If you are too far to get a better indication, Skeever will let you know.
  • When you arrive, he will comment that there is no more need to indicate the distance.
  • You can cancel it at any time via dialogue and change location as well.


  • Skeever can lead you to any Skyrim location either manually or automatically.
  • You can ask Skeever to take the lead and he will ask you where, select your location and he will go there.
  • You can select to either walk to your destination or run, it's up to you. You may also tell Skeever that you will follow him. This enabled the feature of automatic following and you can eat something while watching your character follow Skeever to the location of your choosing, go to the bathroom, take out the trash, put on makeup, or do whatever you like.
  • Yes, all your followers will follow Skeever too.
  • When there is a fight, you get your controls back and can fight or let others do the job.
  • You can stop at any time using the "Z" key on keyboard [Special Power] and ask him to stop.
  • You can stop or change location at any time, you can change walk to run at any time via dialogue.
  • You can even ask Skeever to surprise you with where he wants to go and he will randomly lead you somewhere he wants to be.
  • Many of you can guess where that is going to end up.


  • Combat comments number around 2,000 including Skeever attack, power attack, shield, get hit, get hit in location, attack to normal, normal to attack and more in the future.
  • Hello comments.
  • Bump comments
  • Trade comments - includes integration with daedric artifacts and illness + Vampire and more.
  • Different locations add different and new comments.
  • Standing close to certain items provide additional comments.


  • Skeever knows your gender and race in temples in great detail and will bless you or pray for you or in your name if Idle in a temple. There is little chance for you to head all these comments as there are many per race.


  • While you can read the reading list in this table, Skeever reads in 6 main ways.
  • A) Reading books indicates how many times this book was read and always includes a summary of the book and a warning in case the content of the book is sensitive.
  • B) Text like notes and letters and such, is directly read, just ask Skeever and he will read, though some short texts may include additional content, depending on how Skeever feels about it or what joke I had in mind when I read it.
  • C) Riddle books can be played in game but you can also unlock a series of Riddle Books Skeever wrote if you find and play the Red-Riddle-Book. Unlike normal books, they are not simple read, but actually played.
  • D) Weapons can be read after Quest 2 is complete and Skeever will be able to read the engraving on your weapon for over 200 types [list presented on this table]
  • E) Spoiler - Skeever will read and a side-Quest will be started, this will include new content as well.
  • F) Spoiler - Skeever will read and more content will be presented- not a quest.



Seriously though - throughout any of Skeever's Quests, just ask him using the first dialogue option "Do you have any advice regarding our recent undertaking" and he should know what to do. You would be surprised [and then get use to lol] the small changes he is able to detect during a quest....

Skeever will be at the Bannered Mare in Whiterun

Do not use the "E" key to hold and press to force Skeever to do favors.

Skeever can wait before the first quest is complete via a dialogue line about a personal question.

Skeever will not do favors before quest one is complete.

Skeever will not carry your burdens before the middle of quest 1.

Skeever quest can be started after the player reaches level 5 and asks a question inside an Inn or tavern.

After Quest 1 is complete, Skeever will have all the normal options a follower has (and more)


Talk to Skeever and see what he has to trade, look in each category of the items he has.


You must complete the first quest "Skeever Tail" and then talk to Skeever about his Diaries. If you do not know what his Diaries are, well,

a) listen to him when he talks haha

b) trade with him and pick up his Diary.

You must have the 2 diaries on you for the dialogue option to be available.

He said he wanted a drink, but I don't know where to go? I made it a tiny bit clever, but not hard, to keep the Skyrim casual theme of easy quests, it's all in his wording, each time you visit the wrong Inn, he will tell you where you need to go in the form of a hint in his sentences.

If you are stuck during the search for the 3nd diary [diary number 4] note that Skeever is "dying for a drink" he needs to go to a tavern with the name "dead" as part of it.

If you are stuck after that, it would be due to my poor word choice, he says his "name is Skeever" and so, you need to go to a tavern with the name "Skeever" in it. The same goes for the last diary.

I spoke to him after completing the second quest and there are no dialogue options? You need to go to a place Skeever feels comfortable in, there's no place like home, but not your home, you should try talking with him at the Riverwood Hall of the Dead, his area of living would be best.


- Dismiss Ratmouth before entering the "Cave in the Rift"

From Quest 3 to Quest 6 I did my best to give you all the answers in the first feature "Any advise regarding our current undertaking" and so, if you have any questions, contact me on Discord.

There Is No Umbra 

This article was created on May 17, 2021

This article was updated on May 31, 2021

This article will explain how to best utilize Skeever while you have the SDP

Available Now - for SSE and (LE in the works)

You need

1. Skeever Mod File 1.2.1 or above

2. TINU = There Is No Umbra Mod Chapter II 

3. SDP = Skeever Daumbra Patch 

You can play however you wish, though for best performance and how the collaboration was designed advice the following.


Step 1

Recruit Skeever

Step 2

Visit Dragonsreach and ask Skeever about your "strange feeling"

Step 3

Look at the article written by FableForge for their Mod's Troubleshooting at any time, they also wrote an amazing article with the many endings of the mod since it is really impressive work with so many options at your fingertips, but WAIT, now that you have Skeever, he may give you clues in-game and all you need to do is ask. 

Almost every time you see a new objective from your quest and\or objective (related to TINU mod) completed Skeever will have something to say, even the lines that you have previously selected may include new dialogue since the stage changed and Skeever may have more to say. Scenes will stop at a certain point or continue depending on your stage. Each time you feel you are faced with a choice, ask Skeever. IMPORTANT NOTE: I designed the Patch in order to help you reach the dialogues faster, though, starting from the end of Quest 2 this changes and there will no longer be options in the main dialogue, instead you will have to ask Skeever to either read (as usual) and that will lead you to an option to read the text about the TINU mod or ask Skeever about the current undertaking, I felt it was more immersive and I hope you like it.

Options available throughout the play.

- Asking Skeever to read any text presented by the mod TINU - via the normal reading dialogue.

- Asking Skeever about your current "undertaking" available in the "I want to ask you something dialogue option"

- You can turn to Skeever at any time and see if there is anything new to be said, sometimes, a scene will run and stop (but the same scene may be longer if you advance in the story- after a while scenes will no longer be available).

- Additional scenes, and Idle dialogue will be available, though don't expect constant banter, since this is (after all) the first installment and there is no promise for more, though I hope I get the chance.

- If you have never played TINU, then you are in for a real treat, it is a very well-made mod and I am honored to have had the opportunity to create content for it as well as work side by side with the Mod Author.  


PERSONAL NOTE: I have learned so much this past month, so much about so many things in CK, this is what happens when experienced and amazing modders like FableForge give their time for me to learn from them, I am forever grateful.

FableForge of There Is No Umbra- for his consistent teachings, help, assistance, and walk through the many challenges I faced while creating this mod.

The Original voice artist of Daumbra, the amazing Kerstyn Unger for being available and putting in the quality work she always provides.

The amazing QAT (Quality Assurance Team) on Discord.